Innovative German-made X-Ray Quality Assurance Solutions, X-Ray Quality Control and Radiation Protection Products

Test Phantoms


DR/CR R+F QA Test Phantom
R+F Image QA Test Phantom
Standard compliant filter for Radiography / Fluoroscopy
Test Set for AEC Measurements
Radiography Filter 100+ kV
Support for al25.0 Filter
Enhanced Low-Contrast Resolution Test Tool
X-Ray Axis Alignment Test Tool
Sensitometry Wedge for Radiography featuring 21 steps
Screen Contact Test Tool


CR/DR Image Quality Test Phantom
Large-Field Extension for QUART SP_dl Test Phantom
Digital Subtraction Angiography QA Test Phantom
Test Set for AEC Measurements
Standard compliant Filter for Radiography / Fluoroscopy
Radiography Filter 100+ kV


Dental 2D Test Phantom
Panoramic Holder for 2D Test Phantom
Dental Film-Screen QA Test Phantom
Enhanced Digital Dental QA Test Phantom


DIN 6868-161 CBCT Image Quality Test Phantom
Test Set according IAEA, EFOMP and ESTRO recommended QA for CBCT
DIN 6868-15 CBCT Constancy Test Phantom
3D Image Quality Test Phantom


CT Dosimetry Phantom
IAEA-EFOMP-ESTRO CBCT and CT Image Quality Test Phantom


Technical & Clinical Mammography IQ Phantom
Universal Mammography Test Phantom
Stereotactic Mammography Test Phantom
Mammography Compression Force Test Set
Mammography Sensitometry Step Wedge
Screen Contact Test Tool

Resolution Patterns

Star Test Patterns
High-Resolution Broom Test Patterns
High-Resolution Bar Test Patterns

Focal Spot Test Tools

Pinhole Camera for Radiography/Fluoroscopy
Pinhole Camera for Mammography
Dental Focal Spot Test Tool


Full-Body X-Ray Training Phantom
Real-Bone X-Ray Head Phantom
Dental X-Ray Training Procedure Phantom
Real-Bone X-Ray Hand
Real-Bone X-Ray Arm
Real-Bone X-Ray Spine
Real-Bone X-Ray Hip
Real-Bone X-Ray Foot
Real-Bone X-Ray Knee

IPEM 91 Phantoms

Test Object for Television Fluoroscopy and Fluorography
Test Object for Conventional and Non-Subtractive Digital Radiography
Test Set for Standard Fluoroscopy and Fluorography Systems
Test Set for Digital Subtraction Fluoroscopy Imaging
Mammography Test Object for Routine QA Checks