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CR/DR Image Quality Test Phantom

The QUART SP_dl phantom is designed to be used for QA/QC routine testing in Digital and Conventional x-ray applications ranging from DR, CR to Fluoroscopy equipment.

Only one exposure is required to collect all necessary parameters to determine the imaging quality of the x-ray system.

The QUART SP_dl phantom complies with IEC, DIN 6868-150 and DIN 6868-4 as well as IPEM, ÖNORM, PN-EN standards and AFSSAPS regulations.

Genuine Feature: kV Stability Test *

The phantom‘s special feature is an optional kV test object. With it, the generator output stability can be monitored on a regular basis without performing invasive or non-invasive kV measurements. As the kV test object consists of 2 different materials, 2 transition points can be defined for a specific radiation quality. The accuracy of the method is +/-2 kV for a pure visual evaluation. When measured with a luminance meter (digital) or a sensitometer (film/screen), the accuracy of the method will increase to +/- 0.5 kV.

Technical specifications

  • Internal Filtration: 1.5 mm standard compliant copper filtration, 17 mm PMMA as tissue simulation
  • Dynamic Step Wedge: 17 Steps; thickness 0 – 3.5 mm
  • Low-Contrast Resolution: 8 Test objects (Aluminium; 0.4 – 4 mm; Ø 15 mm), 17 Additional test objects; 1 object per step (Ø 4 mm)
  • High-Contrast Resolution: Line pair bar pattern (Type 38 / Pb 0.05 mm / 45°)
  • kV Stability: Unique kV test object (Yb + Pb)
  • X-RAY Field Alignment: Field size markings
  • Center: Radio-opaque center marker
  • Signal Normalisation: Homogeneous area in phantom center
  • Vertical Positioning: Wire mount system available for tests of wall-mounted units
  • Size: 200 x 200 x 18.5 mm (L x W x H)
  • Large Fields: Extension available to provide a homogeneous surface and field markings for formats up to 33 cm x 33 cm
  • Spatial Resolution
  • Low-Contrast Resolution
  • Radiation Field Alignment
  • Image Homogeneity
  • Artefacts, Image Flaws, etc.
  • Generator Stability
  • Radiation Quality
  • Dose Indicator

* Eder H, Schöfer H, Mota H. Routine monitoring of tube voltage with edge filters for purposes of quality control. (in Germany) Röntgenpraxis; Zeitschrift Für Radiologische Technik, Vol. 36 (5), pp. 173-7, May 1983; PMID: 6867864; ISSN: 0035-7820.