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Precision Light and Luminance Meter

The MaVo_spot USB is a precision instrument for specific requirements of medical light measurement applications.

It features a measuring angle of 1° (strict Class B requirement) and provides luminance measurements for distances between 1m to 1°.

The MaVo_spot is equipped with a high quality SLR optical system having a viewingfield of 15° and clearly marked measuring angle of 1° in the center. An external focusing ring is also provided.

Two close-up lenses (optional ) allow for a measuring distances down to 34 cm.

Contact measurements of the luminance directly on the screen of the monitor can be performed with a photometric measuring probe (optional accessory for this purpose).

Technical specifications

General Features
  • Data memory for storing up to 1000 single measuring values
  • Can be subdivided into 10 groups
  • Memory data can be visualised and processed directly via key pad and display
  • Data handling for PC via USB Port enabled
  • Standard software included
  • WEIGHT: 400 g (w/o battery)
  • Distance and proximity/contact measurement
  • For back-lit or light emitting surfaces, viewboxes or digital monitors
  • fc: 0.01 cd/m² - 999 990 cd/m² or 0.01 fL to 30 000 fL
  • lx: 0.1 lx - 99 990 lx (Uncertainty: +/- 3 %)