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QUART dido/time RF

Routine Test Dosemeter for X-Ray and Fluoro QA/QC 50-150 kV

The QUART dido/time meters are designed for simple and straight-forward dose/dose reference measurements as required in x-ray routine QA/QC. Routine tests are usually carried out in regular intervals to assure the adequate performance of x-ray equipment. The QUART dido/time meters are perfect tools for that application.

The meters are ready for use immediately after activation. No presetting procedures are required. Simply position the detector and expose to aquire the routine check parameters. The QUART dido/time RF features a detector embedded in a 25.0 mm Al patient equivalent filter. Such a set-up had been introduced in German QA regulations to simulate x-ray imaging reality in quality control processes.

In x-ray quality control the meters are used together with an image quality control phantom.

Technical specifications

General Features
  • Exposures: one to acquire all parameters
  • Mode: auto-start, auto-stop & auto-reset
  • Power supply: Rechargeable Li Ion accumulator
  • Battery time: approx. 120 hrs. until recharge required
  • Base size: 17x7x4.5cm (LxWxH)
  • Base weight: 200 g
  • Detector: integrated in 25 mm Aluminium patient simulating filtration
  • Detector weight: 1.1 kg
  • Dose: 0.5 µGy - 99 Gy (Resolution: 0.01 nGy)
  • DWP: 0.5 µGy*cm - 999 Gy*cm (Resolution: 0.01 nGy*cm)
  • Dose Rate: 0.5 µGy/s - 1 Gy/s (Resolution: 0.1 nGy/s)
  • Time: 0.5 ms - 300 s (Uncertainty: ±1,0% / Resolution: 0.1 ms)