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CT Image Quality Test Phantom

The QUART DVT_AP phantom is designed to be used as a universal tool for 3D imaging equipment including CT applications.

In conjunction with a specially developed software, quick and comprehensive CT IQ tests can be performed.

Only one exposure required to create 3D data set containing all required parameters to evaluate image quality. Automated evaluation through unique QUART QA/QC software.Phantom can be applied for field sizes from 4x4cm to large fields-of-view (FOV). A universal holder or customised phantom holders available for easy and reproducible positioning.

Technische Spezifikationen

  • SPATIAL RESOLUTION: Line spread function
  • RESOLUTION: Z-Resolution
  • MATERIAL EQUIVALENTS: Free Air / Soft tissue / Bone
  • POSTIONING TOOLS: Linear (top side) / Selective markers
  • SIZE: Ø 16 cm, height: 15 cm
  • SCATTER RADIATION MODULES: 1x 6 cm / 1x 5 cm
  • Nyquist Frequency (NF)
  • Contrast-to-Noise Ratio (CNR)
  • Homogeneity / Image Uniformity
  • Z-Resolution
  • Modulation Transfer Function
  • Artefacts, Image Flaws
  • Figure of Merit