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Automatic Image Quality Evaluation Software for Computed Tomography

The unique CT QA/QC software automatically evaluates and displays all parameters that were acquired using the QUART DVTap test phantom. Only three slice images from the QA data set are required to conduct a complete QA assessment. It has been suggested by IAEA, EFOMP and ESTRO as a comprehensive solution for 3D imaging QA*.

Unique in kind, the CTtec software automatically calculates a figure of merit (system indicator) comprising of geometrical machine data, dose and image related parameters. It thus establishes a direct correlation between measured dose values, image quality parameters and enables objective quality control assessment of a wide variety of CT equipment.

The software is:

  • DIN 6868-161 compliant for CBCT acceptance tests
  • IEC 61223-3-5 compliant for CT acceptance tests
  • IEC 62220-1-2 compliant for detective quantum efficiency
  • IEC 60601-2-44 compliant for CT equipment safety requirements
  • compliant with EFOMP - ESTRO - IAEA protocol for quality control of cone-beam CT equipment.

Despite its technical character, the software is easy to use. It provides a walkthrough function which assists users in carrying out the QC procedure.

QUART CTtec stores the result of each single test in its internal data bank. In addition, a protocol print-out function is provided for matters of documentation (obligatory hardcopy) or general reference.

It is available as single or multi-user on-premise license.

Technical specifications

The software evaluates the following parameters:

  • Nyquist Frequency (NF)
  • Contrast
  • Noise
  • Contrast-to-Noise Ratio (CNR)
  • Homogeneity / Image Uniformity
  • Spatial Resolution / Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) at 10% & 50% modulation
  • Modulation Transfer Function (MTF) as per IEC 62220-1-2
  • CT Numbers / Hounsfield Units
  • Z-Axis Resolution / NF and MTF in Axial Direction
  • Artefacts, Image Flaws, etc.
  • System Indicator / Acceptance Indicator (Figure of Merit)
  • Patient / Phantom Positioning Accuracy
  • Additional QA/QC related tests such as geometry and distance measurements etc. to be conducted in an external DICOM viewer

EFOMP working group, Quality control in cone-beam computed tomography (CBCT) EFOMP-ESTRO-IAEA protocol (summary report), Physica Medica, Volume 39, July 2017, Pages 67-72.